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Expression is the key to happiness

This is just a quick on I wrote lastnight...still haven't decided if I like it or not, but none-the-less...here it is. More some other time.

The Beast

I can't give in, I cannot lie...
Until the end, I'll fight, I'll die.

The beast is strong, he overpowers me...
I kick, I fight, I hit, I bite...but still he comes and haunts my night.

He feeds on me, my pathetic life...
he drinks my dreams and devours my hope,
and laughs as I slip further into the emptiness.

He stomps on my heart,
corrupting my soul...
Pain and loneliness he pours down my throat,
with a grin on his face.

I cry and my tears replenish the beast...
They show him that he is winning,
I am forced to surrender.

But I wont go, not without a fight.
My life is my life and he has no right.
But what can I do, when the pain is so strong...
For the beast is not breathing, not on his own.
You can find him inside me, calling me home.

He is misery, depression, pain and loneliness.
He has been here too long and has worn out his welcome.
He brings lies and deception in his suitcase,
And unpacks in my heart without much haste.

He throws out the happiness and destroys all the good.
If I could banish him, I surely would.

He eats me alive every breath that I take...
He crushes with joy every memory I make...
He smirks as he watches my fire die down...
My passion for life has been snuffed out.

But the beast is not prepared for the fight that I'll give...
He may have won the battle, but he'll never win the war.
Reinforcements will come, with speed, to my aid...in the form of loved ones,
and the friends that I've made.

For the beast has depended on me being alone, but did not take into account
the strength of my love for the ones I hold close.
It will surpass all the bad and the destroyed will be mended.

Now if only I could shake him off my back as he clings for my life...
Knowing he's losing, but not willing to give up...
Prolonging his banishment to cause one more tear.
He knows...

That the beast inside me will forever be the thing that I fear.
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