Without a Soft Surrender,now what do you say? (amazinglyelle) wrote in justpoets,
Without a Soft Surrender,now what do you say?

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yet another poem..about what else but love

And sometiems its a sad song,and the fact is

I knew it all along,I was just telling myself these

Foolish lies,create allabies for your harsh reason of change

The treason that was never there,for that i'm thankful

Joyful memories sweeten the thought of yesterday

But i have faced the truth that it's gone away

Okay,it was beyond beleif adorable while it lasted

You casted what seemed to be an everlasting lock of hope on my heart

Since the start I knew you were special,but now

I see what I haven't before,this side of you

That's totally foolish and insincere

And with a single tear,I fear

That this could be my final goodbye.


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