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This is from a journal entry in my personal journal from a little while back...its actually fairly recent though, like in the last month or so....the entry subject was "Everything you'll ever need to know I can write with my finger on your back..."...something like that I think. Anyways...Thought I'd share....havent posted for a while cause I felt like I was talking to myself since I was the only one posting on here!!


In my dreams...
He lays next to me...
My head rests on his chest,
His soft heartbeat lulls me to sleep.

In my dreams I'm not alone...
He cuddles me and warms my body with his,
Breathing softly,
asleep in my bed.

In my dreams...
I smile softly as I caress his body with my fingertips,
Tracing hearts and "I love you's" on his stomach, arms, and thighs.

A goodnight kiss instead of tears,
warmth instead of cold.
Sweet comfort instead of empty loneliness

In my dreams he lays next to me...
Our legs interlaced,
our bodies fit perfectly together.
We whisper quiet conversation before we fall asleep in each others arms.

In my dreams he lays next to me...
in the morning we awake, together,
we lay there and talk happily.
In love...
Happy, comforted.

In my dreams he lays next to me....
Then I wake up...alone, lonely.
I carry on, because tonight he will be there again...
in my dreams...laying next to me.
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