Bethany.. [That's all I can be] (xcoming_undonex) wrote in justpoets,
Bethany.. [That's all I can be]


Hi, my name is Bethany and I'm from Pennsylvania. I find writing poetry difficult sometimes if I can't find inspiration. Here's one of my non-rhyming ones, which I think are a bit easier.

Confessions of My Heart

I find myself within a dream
Gazing without sight across this room
Your eyes, an ocean of stormy waves
Never beckon my ship to sail

Long nights of Autumn's bliss
I spend regarding your porcelain face
Hearing the tenor of your sweet clarity
Longing to speak my heart's soliloquy

Flying in this broken sky
Shattered glass of forgotten promises
Your golden smile is a sun through the clouds
Shining through the rain of my solemnity

Like deceitful masques of a courtier's ball
Wolves and vultures flock to the call
Wounded in this pursuit
I seek for your comforting gaze

Rubber burns from the ashes of lies,
Twisted, mocking, scorn, and flaws
Waking to the truth of my reality
My every day sung in soft harmony.
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