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expressions of your heart

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Melancholy is Such a Pretty Word for Sadness [22 Mar 2006|09:55pm]

My first entry here
This is a set of lyrics I wrote a few months ago

I hope you enjoy it
Melancholy is Such a Pretty Word for SadnessCollapse )
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Countdown to the breakdown [03 Jan 2006|03:27am]

I was raped a couple of months ago...this is just something I wrote about it...

Im going to close my eyes and wish the pain away
I want to scream but I cannot find the air in my lungs to make a sound
You tell me to be quiet while your hand is forcing my wrists to be intertwined
Its over, you leave...and im a mess
The hospital is cold and empty, it reminds me of you
I take pills and sleep my days away
I come across the spot where you took my soul and I cry
I decide to let it fade, others disagree but it is better this way
You didnt treat me like a human being, I wonder if you care
I pray everynight that you dont hurt another girl again
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this is my writing [26 Sep 2005|02:00pm]

hey im new

Say Goodnight

Tonight dance into the dark with me
You and I as we once were
Hand in hand until the sun comes up
And when the fancy strikes you
And you leave me all alone
Just know I’ll follow you

And as you leave
Take my heart and rip it from my chest
Don’t look back to see me cry
Just go on and live your life

But right now…
Dance with me until the sun comes up
Then leave me here alone
Take my heart and leave me all alone

I’ll watch the starlight sparkle in your eyes
As you walk away and say goodnight
Go away and don’t return
No matter what you say I know
You won’t come back
But I’ll follow you until the sun has set

And as you leave
Take my heart, take my heart
And rip it from my chest
Don’t look back to see me cry
Just go on and live your life

See the starlight, walk away and say goodnight
Say goodbye, say good night
And leave me here alone

Say goodbye and say goodnight

Just leave me, take my heart and say goodbye
Say goodnight

Say goodbye and say goodnight

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The world is rose-colored [16 Apr 2005|09:51pm]

[ mood | creative ]

Through this tinted glass I see...

You're standing there, loving me.
Your arms outstretched, your smile looks true,

But this tint is a deceiving hue.

As I move closer to get a better view,
I realize now, that isnt you.
Beyond the glass is dark and dead,
you and your smile are only in my head...

I back up again, because through this tinted glass I see...
You're standing there, loving me.

As I work my way through my pain,
I realize that this is something I can gain...

A useful tool to hide my sorrow,
this tinted glass, I think I'll borrow.

When someone askes if I'm ok,
I can hold it up between the two,
and everything will look just fine to you.
But if you'll just think to take a step near,
You'll get to see my pain and fear.
Its not very pretty and its hard to bear,
I know you want to help, and that you care...
but its too much burden for you to take,
so this tinted glass will help me fake,
a happy and cheerful me...

Until thats what I can really be...
Through this tinted glass we'll see.

X-posted in my personal journal

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im new! [14 Apr 2005|07:01pm]
[ mood | amused ] new. my name is sara. im 13. not even gona lie. i write poety alot.some wer published in books, magazines, and news papers. i dont hav my laptop with me but ill try 2 mak 1 up on spot..

he's the one
although im young
i feel my heart
attracted to him
don't know much
all i kno
is wut i feel

feel is love
passion and care
leading twards him
every thought
all the time
never stops
beating 4 him
all the time
no end in sight

i dream of him
in every thought
every second
of every day
although wen i
open my eyes
hes standing there
like im not there

this is dedicated 2 nick..

neways i cant rele speel mayb im not good mayb i am i want feedbak. alota ppl say im mature 4 my age. iv ben writtin since i can remember. i wana go 2 the university of columbia...

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[28 Feb 2005|10:43am]

The hardest thing -- i've ever done -- is loving someone who used to love me.

And to watch the source of

heart-skip hands-sweat smilewhenalone

just tip-toe to someone else, in a silent way -- so i can't hear

in the dark so i can't see

but i can feel it.

little ribbons attach your tongue to mine

your cheek to mine

my heart to yours

so i can feel it . . . the whole way

I can feel the entire walk a way from me

So i sit, and watch myself become lonely, become obsessed, become depressed

I sit and watch myself excersising in my head

I see myself running in my head.

Is that how i lost all this weight?

-Kara Fain
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"Chains" [11 Feb 2005|05:03pm]


Fires burning
Soul made captive
Bleeding red hurt
Crawling into crimson hell
A thousand storms
Leaving only pieces
I'm caught in these chains of love.
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yet another poem..about what else but love [05 Dec 2004|07:03pm]

[ mood | sick..and hating it <3 ]

heartbreak in a link.Collapse )

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[03 Dec 2004|10:28am]

[ mood | busy ]

This is from a journal entry in my personal journal from a little while back...its actually fairly recent though, like in the last month or so....the entry subject was "Everything you'll ever need to know I can write with my finger on your back..."...something like that I think. Anyways...Thought I'd share....havent posted for a while cause I felt like I was talking to myself since I was the only one posting on here!!


In my dreams...
He lays next to me...
My head rests on his chest,
His soft heartbeat lulls me to sleep.

In my dreams I'm not alone...
He cuddles me and warms my body with his,
Breathing softly,
asleep in my bed.

In my dreams...
I smile softly as I caress his body with my fingertips,
Tracing hearts and "I love you's" on his stomach, arms, and thighs.

A goodnight kiss instead of tears,
warmth instead of cold.
Sweet comfort instead of empty loneliness

In my dreams he lays next to me...
Our legs interlaced,
our bodies fit perfectly together.
We whisper quiet conversation before we fall asleep in each others arms.

In my dreams he lays next to me...
in the morning we awake, together,
we lay there and talk happily.
In love...
Happy, comforted.

In my dreams he lays next to me....
Then I wake up...alone, lonely.
I carry on, because tonight he will be there again...
in my dreams...laying next to me.

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[02 Dec 2004|11:39pm]

[ mood | okay..<3 ]

hey guys..
i'm new here.. i'm what you might call the poetry "nerd" of my tight circle of friends, or so i like to call myself. I'm really big on the whole "individualism"thing and i'm a literary in many ways..but enough about's one of my shorter untitled poems to start off..-

I saw your picture today
Makes me think of all the memories I let slip away
Okay, it wasn't the greatest love of time
But i let you chime into my heart
Thought there was no official start
We fell apart before we bagan
And so i ran away, I couldn't deal with the deceit
As this whole thing repeats itself i won't
I can't let myself crash yet again
I've been trying to forget you, I know that's what i need to do
You found true love, and i'm wishing upon a star above
It's not enough to say it,because i'm not that kind of girl
I let myself curl up,and forget what went wrong
The song of your love has to be gone
This should have never come along at all

---------Hey, its not great..but its

if you want to add me or whatever go right ahead, i'm always up for talking to new people.

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[27 Nov 2004|06:06pm]

[ mood | awake ]

Hi everybody. I just joined, and am rather excited because this is my first community! Mark your calendars, folks, because this monumentous date will be on the Finals!

So because I'm not technogoically coordinated and don't understand how links function on LJ, I'm not going to post one of my poems 'til a later time. I'll just take this time to tell a little something about myself.

I like poetry. She's my newest bestest best friend. I also like writing short stories, and making people laugh. Photography is a passion of mine, and so is drawing. Of course, none of the above will I pursue as a career, merely a hobby. Life after LJ? Well, that's up in the air for the moment.


(add me if it tickles your fancy ;))

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Everything you'll ever need... [15 Nov 2004|05:50pm]

[ mood | cold ]

behold, more of my miseryCollapse )

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Welcome to my suffering...please proceed. [11 Nov 2004|11:59am]

[ mood | contemplative ]

There are a few poems behind the cut...old ones from last summer and last spring...Most of my work is from that time...because I used writing as a release, and I had something devastating to write about. I have many more, but I didn't want to put them on the same post because I figured you guys would get tired of reading them all together!! :)

by pain of deathCollapse )

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Expression is the key to happiness [09 Nov 2004|10:22am]

[ mood | bored ]

This is just a quick on I wrote lastnight...still haven't decided if I like it or not, but it is. More some other time.

The beastCollapse )

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Not gone...but forever lost. [08 Nov 2004|11:28pm]

[ mood | busy ]

Hey everyone. I just joined this community and it's my first one stuff! Anyways...I have some poetry to post on here, it'll have to be another time because I can't do it right now...but I'm looking forward to hearing some feedback about what everyone thinks about my work. I don't really do much writing, just when I am really overwhelmed with emotion I tend to try to write it out in such a way that it just...flows. Most of my poetry is quite dark because of the state of mind I was in at the prepare yourselves...let this be a warning post! *wink*

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Hi [06 Oct 2004|02:19pm]

Hi, my name is Bethany and I'm from Pennsylvania. I find writing poetry difficult sometimes if I can't find inspiration. Here's one of my non-rhyming ones, which I think are a bit easier.

Confessions of My Heart

I find myself within a dream
Gazing without sight across this room
Your eyes, an ocean of stormy waves
Never beckon my ship to sail

Long nights of Autumn's bliss
I spend regarding your porcelain face
Hearing the tenor of your sweet clarity
Longing to speak my heart's soliloquy

Flying in this broken sky
Shattered glass of forgotten promises
Your golden smile is a sun through the clouds
Shining through the rain of my solemnity

Like deceitful masques of a courtier's ball
Wolves and vultures flock to the call
Wounded in this pursuit
I seek for your comforting gaze

Rubber burns from the ashes of lies,
Twisted, mocking, scorn, and flaws
Waking to the truth of my reality
My every day sung in soft harmony.
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